About Us


Who We Are A little about us

At Almost Home Coffee we treat everyone like family. We promise to deliver only the highest quality coffee and locally sourced, organic ingredients in all of our bakery items and prepared food. We offer a variety of single origin coffees and house blends. Available for order in your choice of grind so you can enjoy your coffee, your way. We look forward to opening our shop doors to you soon! Until then, we hope you enjoy Almost home – at home. 

Mission Statement

Whenever I land somewhere new, fresh food and great coffee are always the first things I search for; it’s become routine in all of my travels. In 2020 I spent four months exploring Asia and whether I was hiking the mountains of Thailand, walking the coastline of Vietnam, climbing the stairs of Singapore’s skyscrapers, or roaming the streets of Bali – I was looking forward to my next meal paired with a cup of black coffee.

Visiting new, local cafes has always excited me, and my appreciation for them runs deeper than what they have to serve. Their doors open to more than just good food and beverages; they offer a glimpse into the roots of the cities, small towns, and communities they are planted in.

The countless hours I’ve spent enjoying cafes all over the world has led me to realize that the coffee community is a special one – and one that I want to contribute to. My hope is that this cafe evolves into both a space and community. A space that brings you normality, warmth, and happiness.

A space that draws you back to its door not only for its coffee but for its culture. A space that you enter as a customer but leave as family. A space that is — Almost Home.